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I am Mihai Maruseac, sometimes also known as MM (in general only among Romanian people). As a pronunciation guide, my first name is very similar to part of a Taylor Swift song: it’s me, hi, I’m the problem. For the family name, think Kobayashi Maru followed by the C programming language, and, finally, the ACK part of a TCP protocol. This gets confusing, so I’ll not try to expand on the pronunciation of the short nickname.

I studied Computer Science at University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (UPB). My undergrad “major” was on compilers, operating systems, and AI. Then, I did a Masters in Artificial Intelligence at the same University. I concluded my education with a PhD in Differential Privacy (DP) from University of Massachusetts Boston (UMass Boston, UMB).

In all of these programs there was also a deep focus on Mathematics to the point that it caused some to think that I also have a minor in Maths. This is not true, although I do have some background in Physics.

Still, there are a lot of areas I’m interested in. I am but a novice in most of them, though. So, I will be using this blog to explore them.

My main interests are Artificial Intelligence (including the Data Mining and Data Science areas), Differential Privacy, Security, Open Source, and Functional Programming - without listing them in any order.

I am currently working in the Google Open Source Security Team (GOSST) at Google, starting in June of 2022. Before that, I have been working on TensorFlow (since September 2018), where I created and led the TensorFlow Security team and, for a little while, was a tech lead for the TensorFlow OSS DevInfra team. Before Google, I worked at LeapYear since 2016. There, I was enhancing ML algorithms to incorporate Differential Privacy into them (all this work has been done in Haskell). Before coming to the US, I have been working at Keysight (at the time, IXIA), mostly working on the Linux Kernel but also doing some research into ML and bare-metal applications.

Outside of work, I am active in the Haskell community. These times, I mostly act as a curator for Stackage, although in the past I have also contributed to the Stack build tool and was the editor of Haskell Communities and Activities Report (HCAR). At some point, I should restart publishing new editions of HCAR, but for this I first have to modernize the pipeline.

I am also a member of the ROSEdu and Softbinator Romanian IT communities, although not as much active now as 10 years ago. However, I can still recommend the ROSEdu Techblog where I contributed for a while during the time where I did not have a personal blog, after deleting the old one.

Before finishing this article, I must state that anything written on this blog represents my own opinion, and cannot be construed to impact any employer.

If you want to see my other profiles, please consult the next post.


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